Nicole Flenory: The Youngest of the Black Mafia Family, Age, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Social Media

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  • Name  – Nicole Flenory
  • Age –     46 years
  • Date of Birth  -1974
  • Net worth  – $5 million

Most people know Nicole Flenory as the younger sister of Big Meech, the notorious drug lord. But she is also a successful businesswoman and pursued her dream job as a model in Los Angeles. There she married a famous rapper, ‘The Game’.  Even after being in the limelight, she managed to keep her profile low. Let’s check out her more in detail below.

Nicole Flenory Bio & Wiki

Nicole Flenory, the youngest of the Flenory foursome, lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan, with the Nicole Flenory family. Nicole Lil Meech Flenory is currently continuing to live in the same old neighborhood as her family, living a quiet, healthy life. Nicole lived in Detroit City. Nicole Flenory was born in 1974 in Dartmouth, Detroit. She was famous as “the younger sister of Demetrius, known as Big Meech, and Terry, known as Southwestern T”.

About Nicole Flenory’s family

Discussions about Black Mob families, the meeting was held in 1989 separately between Nicole Lil Meech’s twins, Demetrius and Terry, aka Big Meech, and Southwestern T. This family was founded by the most well-known personality, Big Meech, aka Demetrius’ sister. He was born in Dartmouth, Detroit in 1974. He belongs to the Black Mafia Family (BMF), which was founded in 1985. The family was involved in illegal trading like drug trafficking and money laundering. The family was named the Black Mafia Family(BMF) in 2000 due to their involvement in criminal activities. 

The Black Mafia Family was led by Demetrius Flenory, known as Big Meech, and Terry Flenory, the younger brother of Demetrius, known as Southwest T. Big Meech’s sister is the sister of Big Meech and is probably the least known individual connected with what became the Black Mafia Family (BMF). 

Nicole Flenory’s Net worth

She has a net worth of $5 million as her family was engaged in illegal trading, but her real worth is yet to be determined. She prefers to keep her personal life personal and not public. Although her assets are unknown, she is expected to have a net worth of $5 million as seen by her healthy lifestyle.

Nicole Flenory’s career

Since she is not involved in any illegal trading that her family used to do, there is very little known about her personal life. Ever since it became known that BMF was involved in illegal trading. Nicole Flenory disappeared from the life of BMF and stayed away. She worked on her own to earn a living. Although, according to recent news, BMF including Nicole Flenory is living a decent life.

Nicole Flenory Relationship Status

Because of all the hype already about her links with the BMF family, she has always tried her best to keep her relationships under wraps. As far as we have discovered, she is married to one of his childhood friends and has 2 children with him. 

She also shared a great bond with her brother, Big Meech, and was quite sentimental when his brother came out of jail after completing his time there.

Nicole Flenory Social Media

She has reached 7937 followers so far on Instagram by merely posting 5 posts. Her fans admire her a lot, and she also responds to most of them politely. You can follow her on Instagram under the handle @ibeennicoleflenory. She is quite inactive nowadays, but her other family members are active on all social media. She has not been seen with her family recently. It seems she prefers to stay away from all the bad publicity.

News Headlines: BMF Involved in illegal trading

As Nicole Flenory’s notorious older brothers created one of the more infamous drug networks in the United States, she would distance herself from their criminal enterprises. Nicole Flenory has a publicly accessible Instagram account boasting more than 6,200 followers, where she has shared numerous posts devoted to her notorious older brothers. Nicole Flenory has been uninvolved with her elder brothers’ nascent operations and has kept a distance as the millions started rolling in. Before the BMF premiered on Starz, few people outside of the Flenory family’s Atlanta home knew that Big Meech and Southwestern T had a younger sister named Nicole. Big Meech’s younger brother, Nicole Lil Meech Flenory, is an in-law of the Black Mafia family. 

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FAQs about Nicole Flenory

1. Who is Nicole Flenory BMF?

Ans- The black mafia family was known for illegal trading but Nicole Flenory was the only one who was not involved in her family business. Nicole Flenory was the sister of Big Meech.

2. When was Nichole Flenory BMF born?

Ans- Nicole Flenory was born in 1974 and is 46 years old now(2022)

3. What is Nicole Flenory’s net worth?

Ans- Her real worth is still unknown since she prefers to keep her personal life private. But according to some sources, her net worth is approximately $5 Million.

4. Does Nicole Flenory have children?

Ans- She has two children Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele.

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