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Jayda Wayda is a well-known social media celebrity and also a well-known personality among the black masses all over the world. Jayda is popular all over the world for her presence on the internet as a star sensation and as a musical artist. Over the course, Jayda made her presence felt on YouTube, social media, and the Internet and took the world by storm. Her story of making it to the top is nothing short of extraordinary. Jayda’s persona as an influencer helped her create an empire that is worth millions today. She is also popular for dating American rapper Lil Baby.

Jayda Wayda Age, height, weight 

Jayda Wayda (full name: Jayda Cheaves) was born to Tricia Cheaves (her mother) and her father (name not disclosed) on the 25th of September, 1997 in Savannah, “the Classic City” of Georgia in the USA. Jayda is currently 24 years old. No information is available about Jayda’s ethnicity, race, or descent except the fact that she is of American nationality. Jayda is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall (roughly 1.65 meters or 165 cm). And Jayda weighs around 55 kg, or 121 lbs.

Jayda Wayda Early life and Education

Inadequate information is available about Jayda’s early life, but in her many interviews, she has revealed that her childhood wasn’t easy and life was tough on her and her family. Being an immigrant, it was tough for her family to survive. She also said that her father and mother both worked hard to make ends meet and put food on the table for Jayda and her siblings (brother Len and sister Ameerah). They hardly had money to put all three of them through high school because of which Jayda never completed her education and just finished her high school from a local school in her hometown Georgia. Her highest qualification is that of a high school graduate.

How Jayda Wayda built her career?

Before becoming an online phenomenon, Jayda never really had a career. She used to do part-time jobs at different places and got gigs for doing makeup as she was a self-taught beautician. She got famous after meeting Lil Baby, the popular American rapper, through her sister Ameerah, and after which she started making appearances in his rap and music videos. And gradually, her fan following increased and she attracted brands and popular music labels. In 2018, she also started her YouTube Channel where she posted vlogs of her getting ready for modeling and photoshoots. After signing ambassador deals and increasing her brand appeal, the 23-year-old young mogul launched her own clothing and apparel brand Waydamin where she sells her own merchandise. Through her online shop, Jayda also sells her cosmetic products and hair beauty products such as mousse, wigs, etc.

Jayda Wayda Relationship

After she met with Lil Baby in 2016, Lil Baby asked Jayda to feature in his upcoming music videos so that they could spend more time together. And as Jayda kept appearing in more and more videos of Lil Baby’s, their relationship got more serious and they were spotted together more often. Although they were said to be separated in 2018, after Lil Baby found out that Jayda was going to become a mother, he came back to take care of her. And in February 2019, the couple was blessed with a son, whom they named Loyal Armani, and even though they live separately, the duo takes turns taking care of their son. Loyal Armani is sometimes spotted at sports events with Lil Baby and sometimes at product launches with her mother, Jayda.

Jayda Wayda Net-worth 

Thanks to her Entrepreneurship, social media business, and modeling career Jayda is a millionaire right now. The Waydamin brand CEO’s net worth as of 2022 is $4 Million. She started earning first through her appearances in Lil Baby’s music video and then after which she started her hair product company whose annual turnover in 2018 was $ 2 million. Her social media following has helped her a lot in contributing to this net worth, because of her huge fan following she first attracted offers to be an ambassador for brands or do photoshoots for products. Major contributors to her net worth are her YouTube channel earnings and recently launched apparel brand Waydamin.

Jayda Wayda’s popularity on Social Media

Jayda rapidly gained more social media attraction after the release of her book “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 steps to become a young boss”. Jayda is extremely active on Instagram (@jaydacheaves), she has 7.3 Million followers on the platform backing the fact that her whole business is operating from Instagram itself and that she truly is a social media star. 

She mostly shares pictures of herself in lavish top-notch dresses of her brand, BTS of the photoshoots for her clothing brand, and hair products, reviewing various products that she receives for advertising, etc. She also manages her son’s Instagram account (@loyalarmani) which has 464K followers. Jayda also has a YouTube Channel by the name Jayda Cheaves which has 349K Subscribers.

Recent news on Jayda Wayda

Jayda was recently trending on Twitter after she attended BET Awards 2022 (an award show celebrating African American culture). Fans on the internet were praising her for the dress she wore and how beautiful she looked in it. Jayda shared pictures from the event on her Instagram and her admirers just can’t get enough of her.

FAQs about Jayda Wayda

1. Where was Jayda Wayda born?

Ans. Jayda Wayda was born in Savannah in Georgia in the USA.

2. Jayda is the owner of which brand?

Ans. Jayda Wayda is the owner of the clothing brand Waydamin.

3. What is Jayda’s Net-worth?

Ans. Jayda’s net worth as of 2022 is $4 Million.

4. How many followers does Jayda have on Instagram?

Ans. Jayda has 7.3 Million followers on Instagram. Her username is @jaydacheaves.

5. What is the name of Jayda’s son?

Ans. The name of Jayda’s son is Loyal Armani. He was born in February 2019.

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