Wpit18 Online Sabong Game: Know About Its, Dashboard, Registration, Login Process

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Now did you imagine that cockfighting would become popular globally? There are a lot of games played between human beings as well as animals.

Due to the advancement of the internet and technology, the mode of enjoyment has changed as a lot of people play online games instead of physical games nowadays. So, assuming that a lot of people must know about wpit18 would be true.

Human beings have developed various sources of entertainment year after year. cricket, hide and seek, football, all these games are available on mobile phones.

Similarly to that, humans have involved animals as their source of entertainment. Animals have been entertaining humans since historic times. One of the most famous sources of entertainment that people enjoyed a lot and loved to play and watch was cockfighting. And it has its relevance in the present also. The only difference is that, at present, it is played and enjoyed online through various mediums such as phones, laptops, and PlayStations.

There are many platforms which provide you with these online cockfight games, but not every platform is the best at it. So, there is Wpit18, which is counted among the top cockfighting platforms.

Wpit18: A Brief Introduction 

A Wpit18 is basically a cockfighting game that is played mostly in the Philippines in which two players compete against each other to win the match.

In this game, it is not the player who plays the match, but the match is played between two cocks or chickens. The chickens are controlled by the player and fight with each other with their entire capacity. So in simple words, we can say that Wpit18 is an online chicken fighting game that is played only in the Philippines.

What Is WPC Games and Its Guidelines

WPC represents the World Pitmaster Cup, and that implies for individuals of the Philippines bring their birds, like cocks, and the battle between them. It is called cockfighting. It isn’t simply restricted to contests between cocks. It has turned into a huge business because of the internet and technology.

Each year, there are numerous forms of WPC like wpit18 is a rendition of WPC. wpit18 is the competition name, and you can enroll utilizing the WPC homepage. There are different tournaments accessible. You can likewise search it utilizing this wpit18 Sabong on google.

You know each association and game necessitates making rules and guidelines to prevail in those events. If you need to play WPC then you can register on their official site after which they will provide you with all the upcoming events or matches you could take part in.

Wpit18 Dashboard

if you just want to watch the match you can register yourself on wpit18 Sabong live. For the crowds that need to go online, they can watch altogether on wpit18.com. 

You can enroll for the WPC cup through wpit18.com. After enlistment, you need to sign in to the wpit18 dashboard. The dashboard basically shows each of the activities of WPC along with future coming events.

Every one of the standards and guidelines made sense on the dashboard and the process of games assists individuals with solving issues rapidly. WPC can also be utilized through wpit18 Sabong live where you can watch competitions live from home.

Wpit18 Registration Process 2022

It is very simple to register in the wpit18 dashboard. If you are a new player and don’t know how to register for the game, just go through these steps. The login process will be simplified: 

  • Visit the google search and search wpit18 register.
  • Click on the search result showing wpit18 facebook.
  • On clicking, you will be moved to the wpit18 official Facebook page.
  • Where you will see the wpit18 live registration link, on clicking you will move to the wpit18 official portal.
  • there you will find an option that reflects the form that you have to fill in. 
  • Now, you will be able to see a signup option, click on it, and sign up for a new account. 
  • Fill in all the necessary details it asks for, such as name, phone number, Facebook ID, and other details
  • Now you have to wait for a few minutes for the approval of your form.  
  • Once your form is approved, a username and password will be given to you which is your identity on the wpit18 platform. 

After that, you can register for the competition through the wpit18 page. Be mindful so as to give all information they need to take in the registration cycle. If you are having any problems regarding registration or opening an account then you can contact their agent.

Wpit18 live Dashboard Login Procedure

After this process, you just simply need to go to the dashboard and access it. For this, follow the instructions step by step and wisely. 

  • Go to google and search wpit18 login and click on the wpit18 official page which is showing on the search result.
  • After arrival on the wpit18 dashboard, you have to click on the login button.
  • A login form will open with a pop-up, just enter the username and password. 
  • Once you have successfully logged in on the wpit18 dashboard, you will find an option to “go to the dashboard” select that option to access your dashboard. 
  • The dashboard is the official page where you will get all the information about the game and upcoming tournaments. 

Wpit18: Purpose and Objectives 

Wpit18 is a game where people compete with each other on an open battlefield. At the end of the game, the contender who holds the most roosters wins.

The basic purpose of the wpit18 live game is to entertain and attract a large number of people living in the Philippines. This game also supports earning side by side by rewarding a fair amount to the winner and runner-up.

As we discussed the registration cycle of wpit18 and WPC2027. Yet, the inquiry is, is it legitimate and safe? So the response is that it isn’t secure and legitimate in light of the fact that, in this game, many birds and animals can be killed while battling with one another.

As a result, many countries, especially all Muslim countries, which are barred from playing because of their faith, boycott this game because it disregards the fundamentals of natural existence. Along with various other countries, the Philippines is where these games are most commonly played.


Many changes occurred because of innovation and the internet. At that point, individuals expected to leave the house to play games yet these days, individuals play games online to sit at home. WPC is likewise a game in which cocks battle, and individuals utilize huge amounts of money. 


Tell me something about wpit18.

As mentioned above, WPC represents the World Pitmaster Cup where people bet loads of money on cock fighting and wpit18 is a rendition of wpc18.

How to get registered for WPC?

If you don’t have an account on WPC then you need to create a new one after which you can enlist for wpit18.

Can I take part in WPC?

It entirely depends on the country you are living in because the game is banned in most Muslim countries but if are living in the Philippines and some other western nations then you can probably take part in it.

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