Titan Gets $30 Million Funding For Building Next-Generation Advanced Email Software

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As we already know, Titan is the second generation of e-mail developers and also the first professional email provider, which was used for the purpose of professionals and businesses.

SMBS 30m Series Automattic

Titan has received a huge investment of $30 million so that it can again invest in building next-generation advanced email software, which is laced with high-tech features.

Almost one-sixth of the world’s population is using this email platform. The CEO of Titan also says that they had designed email for the use of professionals to make their communication easy, with easy transfer of documents, and for brief and formal conversations as per titan smbs series 300mraibloomberg.

An email has not been updated for 20 years. And this is the main reason for the investment. They want email to be improved, developed, and updated.

Titan has made various things easy and has changed things. Some of them are as follows:

  • It has an option in which you can schedule the email send option accordingly when you think that it will reach the receiver.
  • It makes the framing of emails easy by providing templates. You can choose a pre-existing template or generate a new email that can be sent anywhere.
  • It also helps professionals to take their business closer to their customers in a very professional way.
  • It also provides an auto-send option which can be set as per convenience. It reminds and leads you to be persistent.

Now, Titan is in partnership with a popular web provider that is WordPress. The one who has access to WordPress will get a three months trial also.

The CEO of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, says that they believe in Titan and its capability. He says that he is damn sure that his investment will be very fruitful as Titan will develop a very user-friendly, user-customized email in which the owner will have complete control over his or her data.

Titan is also aiming to use the investment in the best of the best ways in which it could be. It wants to expand its product line more.

About Titan SMBS Company

Titan is a second-generation email developer. It is a platform that tries to bring business professionals and customers closer. The CEO of Titan Bhavin Tutakhiya said that It is available to the user through its partnership with WordPress, and the person taking the subscription to WordPress will get a three months trial. It has become a part of Nova.

Automattic is an organization that works to make the web a better place. It keeps on trying to keep all the web products updated, like WordPress, Jetpack, Tumblr, and WordPress VIP. It helps the user by updating, storing, backing up, e-commerce, security, and web hosting.

Automattic has its companies spread among 86 countries with about 1600 employees.

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