Chinese Artificial Intelligence Company Flexiv Raises $100 Million Series B+ Funding

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Another big news coming in the robotics sector is that company Flexiv, Which is the world’s leading robotics manufacturer of Chinese artificial intelligence has gained a large amount of investment during its Series B+ funding, which has made the company a “Unicorn.”

Flexiv Chinese ai has announced that it has become a Unicorn by raising a whopping amount of $100 million in its Series B+ funding from multiple investors.

Flexiv ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch

The Robotics Company Flexiv has raised a $100 Million Series B round of funding, an investment round led by China’s giant Meituan, along with these other investors who participated in the funding round is Meta Capital, a major Chinese agricultural firm New Hope Group, equity firm Longwood, Jack Ma’s YF Capital, On-demand services by the famous brand Meituan, Information collected by Chinese ai 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch.

Flexiv ai 100m Series

The company Flexiv had earlier raised the same amount during its Series A funding in 2020, before raising a decent amount of $22 million in 2019.

According to Wang, There is huge scope for automation in robotics manufacturing companies. with the investment from meituan side, The investor’s major part of the business, food delivery, may benefit through Flexiv’s services

Flexiv Chinese is a leading manufacturing robotics company, that provides innovative adaptive robots which combine advanced Artificial intelligence, computer vision, and force control technologies.

Flexiv Chinese ai meituanliaotechcrunch

The Flexiv company was founded by the brilliant minds of Stanford University, Chicago, in the year 2016. Three friends, Shiquan Wang (CEO), Xiyang Yeh (CTO), and Shuyun Chung (Chief Robotics Scientist), all hailing from China, started the company Flexiv in 2016.

The Chinese robotics company is famous for producing innovative turnkey solutions as per the needs of its customers in various industries. They have also launched a series of robots called the “Rizon”.It includes various versions of robotics marvels like Rizon 4, Rizon 4s, and Rizon 10. If you are interested in the robotics industry, do some research about them.

As we all know, many of the operational tasks like loading, unloading, installing, plugging, etc. are key parts of any manufacturing plant and require a large workforce. To ease the process and automate it.

the company flexiv has been working with industry leaders by providing them with robotics for such tasks specially designed for their system.

The company is all set to use the new investment received to enlarge its business module by increasing the hiring, marketing, and R&D departments. The key partners of the company are quite happy with the investments pouring in and are positive about making a big impact with their futuristic technology and software.

Flexiv AI Chinese has taken the lead in the robotics industry and is all set to emerge as the best. Hoping to see more futuristic designs and upgrades by the company at an affordable cost.

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