How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help You?

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It could be intimidating to go through the immigration procedure. Having a competent immigration lawyer to guide you through the process could be a lifesaver especially if you’ve previously received inconsistent immigration advice from other consultants.

There is a massive demand for visas and other related immigration procedures. Foreign consulates in the country are receiving a flood of daily visa applications. This development will not be without drawbacks. 

Foreign governments and consular officials will probably now penalize and refuse any applicant who has made any error, even a legitimate one, a visa. Because of this, you must look for qualified immigration lawyers.

Why Do We Need the Services of an Immigration Lawyer?

Many applicants frequently wonder if they genuinely need attorneys or if they can proceed with their numerous applications without getting legal advice. 

There are several major reasons why engaging a Nigerian immigration lawyer for your visa application is crucial and pertinent.

  1. Sound legal advice

Lawyers are qualified to give legal advice.

Every issue involving the granting, withholding, or even banning of a visa consists of the law, and the only people qualified to provide such legal advice are immigration lawyers.

2. Guard against mistakes

A lawyer can advise you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

More than 50% of visa denials are the consequence of minor errors. Engaging a lawyer’s services for guidance in reviewing your visa application before submission will go a long way in preventing all sorts of errors that could result in a refusal of a visa or even a ban in some situations.

3. Save your money now 

It is time to speak with an immigration lawyer if you have been filing for an immigration benefit on your own and received a request for more supporting documentation to prevent any risk of having your application rejected, which would trigger deportation proceedings.

When your case is under the jurisdiction of an immigration judge, it is sometimes far better to pay a little now and avoid considerable worry than to spend a lot of money later. Better still, hire an immigration lawyer once and for all to reduce your chances of later dealing with any possible significant problem in your case.

4. Prevent the risks of denials

You should consult reputable immigration lawyers immediately if you are denied any benefit related to immigration. Take your time; in many instances, you can only appeal a case within 30 days of the denial. Get looking right away.

5. Deal with difficulties

Immigration rules and processes can be highly complicated. A competent immigration lawyer can ensure that your application is flawless and provide help in dealing with any difficulties. Additionally, they will ensure that you avoid unnecessary expenses and suffering throughout the entire immigration procedure, ensuring everything goes according to plan.

6. Defense from expulsion

If you are ever detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,  it is crucial to have the contact number of an immigration lawyer. It will be considerably simpler for the attorney to represent you if you have previously spoken with them and the attorney has your information on file.

One of the most traumatic experiences a family can go through is having a member picked up by ICE. To help you through the process, it’s crucial to have an experienced immigration lawyer on your side. If ICE doesn’t set a bond for you, a competent immigration lawyer can assist you in applying for one. They can also help you request a lower bond if ICE sets an amount  that is too high for you to afford.

A trustworthy immigration lawyer will be open and honest with you about the likelihood that you can successfully address your case in front of the immigration court.

7. Protection from visa fraud

Some middlemen are defrauding customers of their hard-earned money by posing as real advisors and promising to assist them in quickly obtaining visas. However, being professionals, immigration lawyers cannot make a false claim to coerce money from helpless persons and can only advise a client from becoming a victim of extortion.

8. Offer consistent support

Immigration lawyers frequently provide services after a visa is issued or denied. Even if a visa is granted, it does not guarantee a traveler’s access to the nation of issuance. Most embassies would inform you that the various ports of entry’s borders or customs agencies are in charge of allowing or prohibiting foreigners from entering their countries.

Therefore, even if your intended purpose has changed, you could still need legal counsel before entering a nation where you have been granted a visa.

Likewise, if your visa application has been wrongfully denied, your immigration lawyer may, if appropriate, file an appeal on your behalf or provide advice on what to do next if the refusal is not subject to review.

9. Reasonable professional charges

The sole purpose of a lawyer in a visa application is to give you legal guidance regarding various issues that are essential to your application. The ethical guidelines prohibit careless billing; a lawyer’s fee must be reasonable for the services provided. Consequently, the standard charge for an immigration lawyer is fairly reasonable and frequently economical.

Work Visa Lawyers: What They Do

They have experience helping people and businesses with their immigration needs such as those in the healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, and mining sectors.

They offer their expertise based on the most recent immigration laws, upholding the confidentiality of your affairs.

They help you spend as little time as possible on applications, so you can focus on practicing your profession or running your business.

The Cost of a Fiance Visa

A fiance visa, also known as a K – visa, costs about $1000.

Form I-129F costs $535. The three accepted payment methods are money orders, cashier’s, and personal checks. For payment purposes, form G-1450 (“Authorization for Credit Card Transactions”) is used.

After form I-129F is granted, the United States citizen’s engaged partner must undergo a medical examination. Depending on the provider, the exam can cost up to $200.

The final cost is $265 for the actual K-1 visa application. This cost is often paid at the interview. Still, it’s vital to carefully read the time and location requirements in the embassy’s interview notice in case of changes depending on the applicant’s home country.

These costs do not account for additional expenses like interpreting and reproducing your documents and getting necessary ones like your birth certificate.

How Does a Fiance Visa Work?

A citizen of the United States must apply for a fiance visa if they intend to marry their foreign fiancé there. Filing form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé, is the initial step. You must get married within 90 days of your fiancé’s admission into the country if they are given a K-1 visa.

The next stage is to sponsor your fiancé for a permanent resident card, often known as a green card if you marry them within 90 days after entering the country. As you two develop your life together, this will enable your spouse to reside and work in the United States.

Working with an excellent immigration lawyer can make it simpler to submit a K-1 fiancé visa application, which can be challenging.

In light of countless unqualified counselors posing as visa specialists and ultimately making some visa applicants’ situations worse, hiring an immigration lawyer to analyze and manage your visa case file would be the right choice.

More than 50% of visa denials are the result of minor errors. Engaging an immigration lawyer for guidance and assistance in reviewing your visa application before submission may go a long way toward preventing those little errors that could result in a refusal of a visa or even a ban in some situations.


Consulting an immigration lawyer to review and handle your visa case file might be an appropriate decision, considering the countless number of unprofessional advisers disguised as visa experts that worsen some visa applicants’ situations.

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