Hair relaxers and uterine cancer: Do you have a lawsuit?

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In recent times, numerous studies have linked chemical hair relaxers and straighteners to uterine cancer and other life-altering health conditions. Women of color are at a higher risk as they tend to use these products more than others. As more claims come up, law firms are gearing up to take legal action, and many lawsuits have been filed across the US. If you are wondering whether you have a hair relaxer lawsuit, your best bet is to meet a skilled trial lawyer who is currently accepting these lawsuits. Here are some quick aspects to know.

Understanding the risks

The popularity of chemical hair relaxers and straighteners continues to soar. These products are meant to alter the hair bonds to straighten curly hair. Women who use perms and hair dyes regularly could be at a higher risk of many cancers, including ovarian and uterine cancer. The ingredients in many products are also endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which may cause hormonal imbalances. Ingredients like sodium hydroxide can cause burns and lesions in the scalp that allow the chemicals to enter the body. Among the worst on the list are phthalates.

Evaluating your claim

If you have been recently diagnosed with uterine cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids and have been using hair straightening products for years, you may have a valid hair relaxer lawsuit. Law firms are now working with claimants to understand whether there is room for legal action. If your lawyer finds that the case has merit, they will initiate the lawsuit. Each state has a statute of limitations for filing such lawsuits, which your lawyer will adhere to, but before that, they will work on gathering evidence and relevant details.

How much will an attorney charge?

Like other product-defect liability-related cases, lawyers are taking hair relaxer lawsuits on a contingency fee. Whether the case is settled or there is a need to fight the battle at trial, the lawyer will only demand their payment when you win or recover money. You don’t have to pay a retainer fee. Because availing legal help is not that complicated, you need to meet an attorney at the least to discuss the aspects of the case.

There have been no settlements in these lawsuits yet. Your case may eventually become a part of an MDL, which means you will receive a settlement based on the facts of your case if you win. Let your attorney evaluate the potential of your hair relaxer lawsuit.

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