DBT Raises $ 280M To Support And Scale SMEs

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The fintech enterprise that offers debt funding to growing organizations, DBTCapital has secured $280 million(SEK3.1 billion) debt funding which is the largest funding for any growing Nordic Small Medium-sized Enterprise(SME) leading space to date. 

The debt facility was taken from NatWest, the bank of the United Kingdom, and Varde Partners, which is one of the fastest-growing investment firms in America. 

The financing solutions provider, DBT Capitals is dedicated to helping out great SMEs with financing help and solutions that are needed for their growth and innovation. Its headquarter is located in the European Union(EU), Nordic Countries, and Scandinavia. 

This fintech solution was founded in 2017 by Alexis Kopylov and the objective behind the foundation of DBT was to gear up the acceleration of business and opportunities for growth for SMEs, which in turn, help in unleashing the potential of SMEs. It supports SMEs across every industry, whether from finance, media, marketing, etc. 

In the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, DBT is a registered financial institution. 

Purpose And Objective Behind The Debt Facility

With this largest funding round for any nordic SME, DBT briefs about the purpose of this debt facility by saying 

  • that they aim to scale further for support and acceleration to more SMEs across all industries with easy access to growth funding.
  • This funding agreement will allow DBT to carry on its dealing with the tough demand for the development and transformation-oriented corporate loans among small enterprises. 

The CEO and Co-founder of DBT, Alexis Kopylov further elaborates on the purpose of this funding and said that “this is a breakthrough financing arrangement that will enable them to finance and support more scaling SMEs all over Sweden.” 

He further added that this fund has come at a very accurate time, as the SMEs supported by us, need increased flexible yet long-lasting strong financing in light of the recent energy crisis, rising fuel price, and inflation surge. 

“For the success and development of SEMs and their optimistic impact on the economy, stable access to credit is the requisite and crucial commodity.” said the co-head of Private Financing Sales Europe at NatWest Market. 

He further added that their backing to DBTCapitals represents their further steps towards their resolution which includes the removal of enterprises barriers and letting them grow. And our commitment is being shared by DBT’s dream of serving the growing SME market. 

And lastly, he said that they are extremely pleased in continually support the ambition of DBT and of course, to work with them. 

About The Investors, Their Thoughts, And Aims

NatWest, the National Westminster Bank is the chief retail and materialistic bank situated in London, England, United Kingdom(UK). Thomas Smith of Nottingham is credited as the founder of NatWest. Alison Rose is the CEO of this bank. It was founded in 1968.

It is considered as the biggest four clearing banks in the UK. It has a large network that includes over 960 branches, 34 thousand cash machines, and 24 hours active online telephoning services and online banking services. 

Varde Partners is one of the leading investment firms of global alternatives of the United States that was founded in 1993 by Marcia Lynn Page and George G. Hicks. Its headquarter is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. It is basically an investment advisor to the roots in credit and suffering.

Varde firm is focused on the unlocking of values, which is the Swedish meaning of Varde. It specializes in credit, real estate, alternative investing, private debt, and equity. 

The partner and global head of financial services at Varde Partners, Aneek Mamik said that they open-heartedly welcome the opportunity to develop this partnership in helping DBT in its admiration and goal of expanding their provision of trading financial capital in Europe. 

The founder of DBT, Alexis Kopylov said that they are very overwhelmed to get the strong support from NatWest, they have been a great partner to work with.

He further added that they are also welcoming our new collaboration partners, Varde Partners. He said that both the investors are well-known and renowned financial institutions that are playing an important part in our commitment to closing the gap in SME funding.


With the largest debt funding round of $280 million, for any Nordic SME, DBT has set the bar for other financing solutions. The led investors, NatWest and Varde Partners are highly enthused and thrilled to be a part of this journey with DBT.

They are considering DBT’s purpose as their ambition. DBT aims to use this fund in supporting more SMEs across all industries and help them in their growth and innovations. 


Which financing solution company raised $280M in debt funding?

DBT Capital

Who are the led investors?

NatWest and Varde Partners.

When was DBT founded?

In 2017.

Who is the founder of DBT?

Alexis Kopylov.

What is the aim behind the use of this fund?

DBT aims to use this fund in supporting more SMEs across all industries and help them in their growth and innovations.

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