AI Company Clarifai Raised $60 Million, Now Its Total Funding Up To $100 Million

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Clarifai is an artificial intelligence-based platform that focuses on the transformation of unstructured forms of data such as images, videos, text, and audio.

Clarifai 60m New Associates Investment

Recently, Clarifai raised $60M in a series C round led by New Enterprise Association, an American-based venture capital firm that focuses on investment from the seed stage to the growth stage.

Menlo Venture, a private investment firm; Union Square Venture, an American venture capital firm that invests in startups and multinational brands; Lux Capital, a company that focuses on making investments in emerging technology; LDV Capital, which confirms that they manage and promote investments in potential companies; Corazon Capital, one of the leading Chicago-based investing firms as per Clarifai series enterprise associates 100mhalltechcrunch.

Clarifai 60m Series Enterprise 100mhalltechcrunch

Aside from that, it welcomes new value investors to its ranks, including CPP Investments, a global investment management firm; Next Equity Partners, a company focused on innovation and investment in technology companies; Sinewave Venture, a technology-focused investment firm; and Trousdale Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investment and innovation in technology and artificial intelligence as per new enterprise associateshalltechcrunch 

The CEO and co-founder, Matthew Zeiler, states that the company will use this funding to grow an incredibly efficient, hard-working, and trustworthy team in this field. Moreover, with this inflow of cash, we will develop a software 2.0 platform of choice and a platform of efficiency. 

Clarifai 60m New Associates

Matthew Zeiler, the CEO, and co-founder of Clarifai states that the contribution of artificial intelligence across each and every industry is valuable and cannot be measured easily. It can also be said that in the near future, its role will become a significant and inherited part of the functioning of a company.

But it also needs to be realized that until and unless the developer or programmer or an efficient and excellent user of this skill introduces it in their applications, we cannot realize AI’s full potential. 

He added a few words by saying that, to Clarifai, we have developed a platform that encourages the learning of artificial intelligence and gains more and more specific knowledge in this area. We have empowered more than 130,000 users to learn this skill from our platform. 

About Clarifai Company

Clarify is a New York-based company founded in 2013 by Matt Zeiler with the view of bringing innovation and development in the field of AI-based editing and formulating. It is an AI-based company that basically provides its customers the facility to moderate images, videos, and other related and relevant data.

Clarifai also aims at making new innovations in its platform and providing new products and services to its customers. It has launched natural language processing audio recognition and multiple new products on its platform to engage new customers and retain the existing ones.

The company is working hard to achieve great success in terms of money, and financial assets, expanding markets and adding more value to customers and investors. The company is going to make history by announcing the biggest innovation in the field of AI in October. 

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