What Do IM Academy Students Study at the New Time-Based Exchange Academy?

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Online financial education platform IM Academy recently released a new academy focused on time-based approaches for engaging in financial markets. This Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy is designed to educate students on strategies based on time frames and market shifts that can differ depending on the time interval analyzed. At TBX, IM Academy students focus on high-frequency approaches based on shorter time frames, particularly a high-frequency intraday exchange strategy known as scalping.

Understanding Time Frames and Time-Based Strategies

The programs that IM Academy students study at TBX are applied by participants in a variety of financial markets, including foreign exchange (forex), cryptocurrency, and stocks. While these markets are built around different kinds of assets, they can all be analyzed in terms of change over time intervals of varying lengths.

Different markets will be influenced by different factors, with some more volatile than others over short periods of time, and others more stable over long periods of time. At IM Academy, students pursue an understanding of when and why market participants focus on shorter or longer intervals when engaging in these markets.

Financial markets are inherently uncertain, and there is, of course, no guarantee that market participants can predict market movements. However, TBX is based on the idea that understanding markets can perform differently at different time intervals is crucial when studying any financial market.

Markets can be analyzed in terms of time frames as small as hours or minutes or as large as years, and a shift at one of these time frames will not necessarily correspond to a similar shift at another. A market may fall slightly over the course of an hour or a day, only to rebound over the course of a week, month, or year.

IM Academy students at TBX study how market participants recognize the best time frames for market engagement across markets, utilizing pattern-based analysis and research.

How Does TBX Work?

Like IM Academy’s other online academies, TBX features a combination of asynchronous learning materials and opportunities for live mentorship. Students can access readings and videos via the IM Academy mobile app or web portal, and they can interact with IM Academy educators through regularly scheduled GoLive sessions, which allow students to discuss what they’ve learned with educators in a live online video format.

TBX is structured in four levels. The 100-level courses introduce students to the basics of the markets to which time-based strategies are applied, while 200-level courses introduce pattern-based concepts such as candlesticks. The 300-level courses focus on the importance of risk management when engaging in financial markets, and the 400-level courses introduce more advanced topics such as Fibonacci and Elliott wave patterns.

Throughout the course, the emphasis is on understanding when more fast-paced intraday strategies are appropriate. One such strategy is known as scalping, which involves making several exchanges over the course of a short time frame. IM Academy students at TBX study how pattern-based approaches apply to this high-frequency strategy.

As part of TBX, IM Academy students can access IMpulse, a proprietary tool that distills several market factors into a single directional arrow indicating forecasted market momentum. When this strategy was launched in July 2022, IM Academy noted that it was capable of analyzing over 50 market factors. The Academy has included this strategy not only in TBX, but also in its FRX Academy for forex and DCX Academy for digital currencies.

Which IM Academy Students Are Studying at TBX?

While IM Academy’s other academies offer curricula that are focused on specific markets, TBX’s approach is broader. The academy touches on details of the forex and other markets, but it’s designed to focus on strategies and patterns that could potentially apply across markets. The goal at TBX is to understand the importance of time-based analysis, regardless of the market analyzed.

This means that the IM Academy students involved in TBX are those who are looking for more general education on strategic approaches to financial markets, rather than a detailed exposition of any one specific market.


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