Top 4 Advantages Of Using Pedestal Drawers For Your Office

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Pedestal file cabinets are the kind of filing system you should get if you want to keep your office orderly and clutter-free. Small drawers and a file drawer are included in pedestal file cabinets.

These office drawers are available with recessed metal pulls or regular contoured plastic pulls. The file drawers’ high walls enable folders to be hung and fully extended out, giving you and your staff total access.

This effortless action is made possible by a steel ball with suspensions. Thanks to the counterweights that have been fitted within the pedestal files, you won’t ever have to be concerned about your file cabinets toppling.

So, here are the top advantages of using a mobile pedestal as a storage solution for all your office and enterprising needs:

1. Versatile

Pedestal drawers are the ideal choice for organisations that need storage solutions that might not be kept in one location for a long time or need to be moved around frequently. So, consider an office setting where employees may often rearrange their workstations and seats, necessitating a portable storage solution.

A high-quality movable pedestal will incorporate swivel castors and a runner system with steel ball bearings to allow total mobility while in use. Also, search for models with a fifth wheel to guarantee that the mobile pedestal cabinet is entirely stable when in operation.

2. Convenience

The convenience of employing movable pedestal cabinets is its main advantage. The large, dispersed floor plans of workplaces like offices need frequent visits throughout the building by employees.

So, staff need not make several trips to relocate mobile pedestal cabinets to their chosen location, such as another workstation, a meeting space, or a printer.

If employees don’t already have a mobile cabinet housed under their desks, rolling file cabinets can be kept in a central area in the workplace where they can be moved to and from desks.

3. Space & Storage Utilisation

Pedestal cabinets are excellent storage solutions since they maximize storage capacity while occupying the least amount of floor area. They fit comfortably beneath a work desk in an office or under a workbench in a warehouse, making them perfect for any business and saving floor space.

Typically, mobile pedestals feature three storage drawers. The top two drawers are ideal for holding office supplies such as pens, paper, business cards, and other tools for the workplace.

The third bottom drawer is bigger and excellent for keeping stuff like important papers, files, folders, novels, and more.

4. Security

The majority of pedestal drawers are lockable. And when you are away from the office, you may keep some documents or pieces of equipment completely secure and unavailable to unauthorised users. A desk pedestal with lockable drawers offers security and makes it easy to store and locate essential papers.

Storage space is a critical issue for every company. Organisations are always looking for such office drawers and want suitable solutions to increase their storage capacity while utilising the least amount of floor and storage space possible.

They are creative and practical storage options for various offices and work environments. So, there are pedestals for stationary desk types with wheels that can be moved about the workplace and serve as both extra storage and a practical surface for work or displays.

Considering all these benefits, pedestal drawers are ideal workplace essentials and must be a part of your professional space.

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