Jayda Wayda: The Social Media Sensation, Know About Her Bio

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Jayda Wayda is a well-known social media personality and also a celebrity among black people all over the world. Jayda is globally renowned for her all-around career and her active presence on the Internet. He is also an author, entrepreneur, social media sensation, YouTuber, and businessman. Meanwhile, Jayda has made her presence felt on YouTube, social media, and the internet and has taken the world by storm with her content.

Her story of making it to the top is nothing short of extraordinary. Jayda’s persona as an influencer helped her create an empire that is worth millions today. She is also popular for dating American rapper Lil Baby.

Who Is Jayda Wayda?

Jada Wayda is an American national who was born in Savannah, Georgia. She has been referred to by many other names like Jayda Ayanna, Jayda Cheaves, and Amour Jayda. She belongs to the African-American ethnicity as she has ancestry in Africa as well.

Jayda Wayda
Jayda Wayda

Jayda is a popular businesswoman who started her career at a very young age and decided to be an entrepreneur. Years after her dream, she doesn’t only succeed in her dream but achieved much more than she dreamt of. She is a well-known personality on American social media, a YouTuber, Instagram celebrity, model, and author.

Jayda’s Physical Appearance

Jayda (full name: Jayda Cheaves) was born on September 25, 1997, in the “Classic City” of Savannah, Georgia, in the United States. The names of his mother Tricia Chaves and his father were not disclosed.

There is no information available about jayda’s ethnicity, race, or ancestry apart from the fact that she is of American nationality. Jayda is approximately 5 feet 1 inch tall. And Zaida weighs about 58 kg.

Jayda’s Early Life And Education

Not enough information is available about jayda’s early life, but in many of her interviews, she has revealed that she did not have an easy childhood and that she and her family had a difficult life. Being immigrants, it was hard for her family to survive.

She also said that both her father and mother worked hard and put food on the table for Jayda and her siblings. He has 2 siblings, a brother named Lane and a sister named Amira. They spent their childhood together and grew up playing with each other. Her brother, Lane is a social media personality, and her sister Amira is a fashion guru.

Jayda along with her siblings attended the Windsor Forest High School in Georgia and earned a Secondary Educational Certificate. She was a creative and innovative child during her school days who was very fond of acting and modeling. In later years, Jayda joined the University of Georgia and also obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Jayda Wayda
Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda Career As A Social Media Influencer

As a teenager, Jayda started her professional career as an Instagram Influencer, but following her business spirit she also started using her business strategy and intertwined her social media and business. Added it.

She started a business selling clothing, accessories, and hair products and decided to work online, and her strategy worked before she even graduated. It has received tremendous responses due to online shopping working so well.

She decided to take her business to Poshmark, an e-commerce marketplace, and there too, her merchandise sold out at a brisk pace.
This inspired her to start her own clothing business, and at the age of 16, she had her own clothing brand, the Viadamine brand.

She is a successful entrepreneur who has gone very high in her dream and is achieving everything she dreamed of.

Later he also wrote a book after becoming successful, on his career, struggle, and the secret of being successful at such a young age. He has named his book “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Vital Steps to Become a Young Boss”. He received many messages and calls asking about his plans and strategies for success, which inspired him to write this book. After 3 years of graduating from school, she published this book.

Jayda’s Career Struggling Phase

Before becoming an online business, Jayda didn’t really have a career. She worked part-time jobs at different places and took gigs doing makeup as she was a self-taught beautician. She rose to fame after meeting popular American rapper Lil Baby through her sister Amira, after which she started appearing in his raps and music videos.

And gradually, his fan following grew and he attracted brands and popular music labels. In 2018, she also started her YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs of modeling and posing for photoshoots.

After signing ambassador deals and increasing her brand appeal, the 23-year-old youth mogul launched her own clothing and apparel brand, Vedamine, where she sells her own merchandise. Through her online shop, Jayda also sells her own cosmetic products and hair grooming products like mousse, wigs, etc.

Jayda’s Relationship With Lil Baby

After she met with Lil Baby in 2016, Lil Baby asked Jayda to feature in his upcoming music videos so that they could spend more time together. And as Jayda kept appearing in more and more videos of Lil Baby, their relationship got more serious and they were spotted together more often.

Although they were said to be separated in 2018, after Lil Baby found out that Jayda was going to become a mother, he came back to take care of her. And in February 2019, the couple was blessed with a son, whom they named Loyal Armani, and even though they live separately, the duo takes turns taking care of their son.

Loyal Armani is sometimes spotted at sports events with Lil Baby and sometimes at product launches with her mother, Jayda.

Jayda Wayda With Lil Baby
Jayda Wayda With Lil Baby

Jayda Wayda Net Worth

Thanks to her Entrepreneurship, social media business, and modeling career Jayda is a millionaire right now. The Waydamin brand CEO’s net worth as of 2023 is $4 Million. She started earning first through her appearances in Lil Baby’s music videos and then after which she started her hair product company whose annual turnover in 2018 was $ 2 million.

Her social media following has helped her a lot in contributing to this net worth, because of her huge fan following she first attracted offers to be an ambassador for brands or do photoshoots for products. Major contributors to her net worth are her YouTube channel earnings and the recently launched apparel brand Waydamin.

Facts About Jayda

  • Jayda Wayda is a Georgian citizen. In addition to being an Instagram star and entrepreneur, Jada was born in Liberty City, Alabama. 
  • Jada Sheaves wrote The Young Boss.”
  • Jada Wanda produces makeup, health, and fashion videos and promotes her brand on her YouTube channel. 
  • Jayda has 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 8.1 million on Instagram.

Jayda’s Social media Accounts

Jayda rapidly gained more social media attraction after the release of her book “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 steps to become a young boss”.

Jayda is extremely active on Instagram, she has 8.1 Million followers on the platform backing the fact that her whole business is operating from Instagram itself and that she truly is a social media star, and she also has another account on Instagram which is his clothing brand page, its ID is @waydaminbrand and he has 492K followers on it.

She mostly shares pictures of herself in lavish top-notch dresses of her brand, BTS of the photoshoots for her clothing brand, and hair products, reviewing various products that she receives for advertising, etc.

She also manages her son’s Instagram account, his ID is @loyalarmani which has 464K followers. Jayda also has a YouTube Channel by the name Jayda Cheaves which has 349K Subscribers.

Recent News

Jayda Wayda was recently trending on Twitter after attending the BET Awards 2022 (an award show celebrating African American culture).

Fans on the internet were praising the dress she wore and how beautiful she looked in it. Jayda shared pictures from the event on her Instagram and her fans were delighted with her.


Jada Wayda is an American public figure, and she is a talented woman with many professions including an entrepreneur, model, Instagram sensation, celebrity, and author. She is the owner of the Viadamine brand, a clothing brand that she founded when she was a teenager.

Lil Baby, an American rapper is her ex-boyfriend who shared a romantic relationship with the businessman and also became the reason for his skyrocketing fame. She is also a mother which resulted from her relationship with Lil Baby and her baby boy is named Loyal Armani. Jayda is an Instagram star and has 8.1 followers. People love her and appreciate her a lot.

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Who is Jayda Wayda?

She is an entrepreneur, model, social media star, Instagram celebrity, and author in the American world.

Jayda is the owner of which brand?

Jayda is the owner of the clothing brand Waydamin.

What are the other names from which she is known?

She is also known as  Jayda Ayanna, Jayda Cheaves, and Amour Jayda.

What is her relationship with Lil Baby?

Lil Baby is her ex-boyfriend.

Does she have any children?

Yes, she has a baby boy, Loyal Armani. He was born in February 2019.

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