LTK Raised $300M, Aims To Accelerate Its Tech Platform

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$300M has been raised by the largest international digital marketing company, LTK, announced by LTK itself. Funding was received from Soft vision funds. This funding round has raised the valuation of the company to $2 billion. 

This Dallas-based social platform and influencer marketing company work on the simple assertion of directing users to buy the same object posted by their following influencers. 

Whether it is a new watch, coat, bedsheet, bracelet, coffee mug, or even a sleeper, every item posted on the platform is directly connected and guides the customer to a website from where they can purchase the same item. 

For the sponsored content, to connect companies with suitable influencers, LTK uses data to reach a targeted audience. More than $3B worth of products were purchased by shoppers that are posted by the influencers on the LTK platform. 

When founded in 2011 and by that time the company’s name was RewardStyle and then after some time it changed to finally settled as LTK which attracts a high number of audiences.

To ensure simplicity, consistency, and shopping success, rewardStyle rebranded the full platform to Liketoknow. under the LTK moniker as per ltk 300m fund 2bsternlichtforbes.

This company is founded by Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box. Amber Venz Box, a blogger turned founder decided to start LTK when she thought to earn commission from those readers who bought the products which she recommends, and now almost a decade later she owns a company of $2 billion worth. 

LTK allows the posts of social media influencers, to be shoppable and houses them in a concentrated area of shopping, both on its app and on the web. 

LTK intends to use this $300m funding to

  • Accelerate the growth plans for the company, especially throughout the globe. 
  • Making new hires to the company aggressively.
  • Accelerate its three-dimensional marketplace that at the same time serves shoppers, creators, and brands.

LTK’s co-founder and president, Amber Venz Box said in a statement, that 10 years ago, they started with a mission to build creators like herself as economically victorious as possible.

She further added this funding certifies the current and future opportunities for creators around the globe when they use their skills to put on the LTK platform. 

According to Forbes, Amber Venz Box is one of the richest self-reliant women in the U.S. after the funding deal of $300M with Softbank vision fund as it gives Amber a total net worth of $315M. 

Currently, LTK is spread into almost 100 countries as more than five thousand retailers use the LTK platform for their marketing crusade, content licensing, and paid collaborations, according to the company. 

The company has earned more than hundreds of new employees this year and additionally, LTK has now teams in Australia, China, South Korea, the U.K., Germany, France, and Brazil. 

The fund given by the venture capital company, Softbank Vision Fund is a London-based company with its headquarters situated in London, U.K.

The Softbank firm aims to assist LTK’s long-standing defense of worldwide creators as it pursues to scale, said Ladiya Jet of Softbank, who is the fund’s 1st female investor who holds the title of managing partner, a report based on

Previously, Amber Venz Box had said that the major focus is now on “speed and innovation” and the demand is still the same to continue as the relocation to online carries on to sweep the trade industry.  


LTK is the international creator’s platform that authorizes thousands of digital lifestyle influencers to achieve financial success. After achieving the success of getting a valuation of $2 billion by the $300 million raised fund, LTK has decided to use the fund in accelerating its technology platform, make aggressive hiring for the company to add extra skills to our platform, and advance our mission. Softbank vision fund’s support helps LTK to achieve its desired goal. 


What is the former name of the LTK company?

RewardStyle and

What was the reason for rebranding?

To ensure simplicity, consistency, and shopping success, rewardStyle rebranded the full platform to Liketoknow is under the LTK moniker.

What is the name of LTK’s founder?

Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box.

Who is the investor in this $300M fundraising?

Softbank Vision Fund.

Who was Amber Venz Box before becoming an owner of $2B’s company?

She is a blogger.

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