Cybersecurity Trainer, Thrivedx Raised $100M+ In A Round Lead By Nightdragon

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Formerly known as HackerU, The ThriveDX enterprises, which is one of the swiftest developing training platforms for cybersecurity and digital skills workforce has announced the raising of more than $100 million fund in a growth funding round. However, the exact raised amount was yet to be divulged. 

This growth funding round was co-led by NightDragon and Prytek, along with the support of affiliates of NightDragon. 

As a part of this new round, a total of $75M was invested by NightDragon and its affiliates. The total valuation was also not disclosed by the company. 

About ThriveDX, Which Formerly Famous As HackerU

Educational Consultancy, ThriveDX is a global leader in cybersecurity guidance and training along with digital competence. It is a U.S. based organization with the headquarters situated in Miami, U.S. Dan Vigdor and Gil Adani established this in 2006 by the name of HackerU. 

ThriveDX enterprises helps in the development and licensing of advanced professional evolution and adaptation programs and training softwares in cybersecurity along with its addition to other fields through the collaboration with top-tier academic foundations and federations worldwide. 

ThriveDx has a partnership with top most universities including the university of New York and Michigan and also Fortune500 companies such as Microsoft, Toyota, PWC, Bank of America and Intel.

It works for the upskilling and reskilling of cybersecurity professionals of the next generation which is necessary to shield enterprise and governmental organizations against the cyber threats of current time as well as in future. 

Objective Behind The Fundraising

The company suggested the following objectives and goals with this round’s funding-

  • The expansion of workforce training programs offered by ThriveDX to additional universities and also wants to gain an increment in 2022’s programs. 
  • They want to grow the technology talent pool so that they’ll be able to fill the 2.7M cybersecurity positions which are still open to get filled.
  • They want to bridge the gap of digital skills that is broadening perpetually.
  • They also want to expand their headcount which is currently of 22 hundred employees and the co-founder of ThriveDX, Dan Vidgor said that they want to hike it up to 32 hundred by the end of this year. 

About The Led Investors Of This Round

NightDragon, a San Francisco based venture capital firm which invests and advises highly innovative late stage companies. It was founded by Dave DeWalt and Ken Gonzalez in 2020 with its head building situated in California’s San Francisco. 

Dave DeWalt, who is the CEO, Co-founder and Managing Director of NightDragon, has recently joined ThriveDX’s Board of Directors. 

Dave DeWalt said, “being a part of this industry from a very long time, NightDragon deeply acknowledge the fact and importance of nurturing the upcoming generation of cybersecurity defenders.

ThriveDX is the first company we have encountered with, who is solving these problems related to cybersecurity in a very scalable way”, and he further added that their company looks forward in applying their knowledge and proficiency to help them grow. 

While appreciating ThriveDX, Dave DeWalt said, “without the existence of companies like ThriveDX which helps us in gaining the knowledge and education of cybersecurity early and often, we don’t stand a chance beside the attackers of today or the menaces of tomorrow.”

Prytek, a Singapore based venture capital firm that is a technological infrastructure driven by AI. It is a megacorporation that is focused on constructing technologies and on delivering managed services. 

Established in 2017 by Andrey Yashunsky. 

Prytek had backed ThriveDX in multiple past rounds and till date it has invested a total amount of $110M in ThriveDX.

The Co-CEO of Prytek, Arnon Shibolith said, “ThriveDX holds an important place in the value chain of Prytek Group, which is working on providing education and tech solutions for advancing the digital transformation”. He further added that the new strategic partnership with NightDragon is highly appreciable for them. 


ThriveDx is a cybersecurity and digital training platform that has raised $100M for the expansion of its training processes  workforce training programs and also for expansion of their headcount.

The round was led by Prytek and NightDragon along with NightDragon’s Affiliates. The training and education of Cybersecurity and digital skills are highly recommended for the future of cybersecurity defenders. 


Who is the lead investor in ThriveDX’s fundraising round?

Prytek and NightDragon.

How much fund has been raised?

Exact amount was not revealed, but the news suggests that more than $100M was raised.

Who is the CEO of ThriveDX?

Dan Vigdor.

When was ThriveDX founded?

In 2006.

Who is the founder of NightDragon?

Dave DeWalt and Ken Gonzalez.

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