Who Is Antonella Roccuzzo? Know About Her Bio

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Roccuzzo, spouse of Lionel Messi, was born in the city of Rosario, and he is the cousin of Lucas Scaglia, a friend of Messi’s from their youth who now plays for Paris Saint-Germain. Roccuzzo was also born in the same year as Messi.

Especially when he was younger, Messi was known for having the reputation of being a shy and reserved person. However, it is said that he developed a crush on Antonella at a young age and that he would frequently go to Scaglia’s family house solely for the chance to see her. This is supported by the fact that he is said to have done this.

Early Life

She initially majored in odontology at the university in Argentina, but then shifted to a field that was more involved with social communication after determining that it better matched her interests. In order to be with Leo, she uprooted her life from the place where she had obtained her degree and moved to Barcelona.

She has her footwear line, which she co-founded with Sofia Balbi, the wife of Luis Suarez, despite presumably spending the majority of her time in recent years caring for the couple’s three children, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. They were honoured by having the line named after them.

According to Infobae, Antonella and Leo’s relationship began to develop when Messi visited her in Rosario to console her following the death of a friend in a car accident. Messi’s visit occurred after their friend’s death in the accident.

A close buddy of Messi was forced to leave the city due to the dreadful circumstances. It was reported that it occurred in 2007, but their relationship remained unknown to the wider public for several years until it was uncovered.

The 34-year-old is close friends with both of Suarez’s wives, Sofia and Daniella Semaan, in addition to the woman who is in a serious relationship with Cesc Fabregas.

When Did She Get Married?

On June 30, 2017, Messi and Roccuzzo tied the knot in a ceremony that took place in their respective hometowns of Rosario. The ceremony was attended by family and friends of both parties. At the time of their wedding, the couple had been dating for close to nine years and already had two children from their previous union.

The Marriage Celebration

The celebrations that were organized in honor of the significant anniversary took place at City Center, a hotel and casino complex in which the event was hosted. Several of Messi’s club and national teammates were present at the event as part of the festivities.

Fans were allowed to view a live stream of the event that was taking place nearby. A big squad of security personnel led by a retired Argentine military colonel guarded the occasion. At the wedding, everything went off without a hitch due to the efforts of the personnel.

Those unable to go to South America were also rumored to be invited to a ceremony in Barcelona that would be more personal and catered to their needs. However, the details of this incident have not been confirmed, thus all of this is all speculation at this time.

Before their sudden relocation to Paris in the summer of 2021, Messi and Antonella had lived in Catalunya for some years. During the time of the relocation, they were still dating. During this historical period, Catalonia functioned as their primary abode.

Antonella Rocuzzo’s Children

Thiago was born on November 2, 2012, Mateo on September 11, 2015, and Ciro on March 10, 2018. Leo and Antonella are the proud parents of their three kids. Ciro was born on March 10, 2018, while his brothers Thiago and Mateo were born on November 2, 2012, and September 11, 2015, respectively.

Messi has tattoos all over his body that are memorials to his children, and he even puts the names of his children on the shoelaces of the shoes he plays in. Because he frequently updates his Instagram account with new pictures of his children and wife, it is clear that he takes great pride in being a parent.

Home In Paris

Barcelona’s talismanic team captain moved to Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent after the club was unable to give him a new contract due to budgetary restraints.

This man has never attempted to conceal the fact that he intends to return to his hometown at some time in his career, and the fact that he has a two-year contract at Parc des Princes means that he will be able to seek a new challenge in 2023. This individual has never attempted to conceal his desire to return to his roots at some point in his career.

Social Media

Antonella is hardly ever spotted in public, even though she has more than 19 million followers on Instagram.

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