What Are The Things You Should Know Before Getting Hair Extension?

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Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity goes from lob to Rapunzel hair overnight? 

You might have seen a pic of them recently with short hair, and the next night on the red carpet in Australia for some event, they are flaunting their long curls. 

The secret ingredient here is hair extensions. 

A few years ago, it was a new concept that only a few people had the luxury of enjoying. Plus, most were sceptical about them – thinking extensions would harm their natural hairs.

However, with so many quality hair extensions suppliers and salons available, it is now the new trend. Not only it allows you to add more volume and length to the hair, but it also allows you to embrace new looks. 

However, here are a few things you should understand before getting extensions.  

1. Don’t Be A Novice 

First things first, when planning to get hair extensions, don’t go blindfolded. The right salon will tell you about them, but you should also do your research. 

Many hair extensions are available – clip-ins, tapes, and hot or cold bonds. 

As with all things, for each hair extension, research is essential. If you are someone new, it is best to get a clip-on. You can easily place them and take them out whenever you wish. While the other two are a more permanent fix. 

2. Never Compromise On Quality 

You get what you pay for – this is true in the case of hair extensions. If you plan to go cheap, you can’t expect to look like a runaway model or a celebrity on the red carpet. However, if you are ready to spend a feasible amount, those dreams can convert into reality. 

There are many hair extension suppliers and salons that offer quality extensions that blend seamlessly with your hair. No one would be able to guess the difference, except for the fact that your hair looks longer and voluminous than before. 

3. Be Spot On With The Colour 

Being off, even with a slight shade, will enable people to know you have faux hair. To avoid this, it is best to colour match with the ends of your curls, not the roots, and choose a colour that mostly dominates your curls.

Most hair extensions suppliers will offer you a wide range of colours, making it easier to choose the right shade for yourself. 

4. A Little Effort Is Needed

You can’t be sluggish when it comes to hair extensions. It will need your time and care to do its magic as long as possible. When it comes to clip-ins, wash eight to six times, depending upon their use.

Though before washing, take them out and comb them to remove tangles. In addition, for all types of hair extensions, keep the shampoo and conditioner gentle and free of parabens and sulphates. 

For tape-on and keratin extensions, focus on the roots – washing from mid-length to the end. Also, don’t hit the bed unless your hair extensions have dried. 

The Bottom Line 

Everything said and done, hair extension is a great way to embrace a new style and look. With proper understanding and choosing quality, nothing is bound to go wrong. 

If you are a newbie, it is recommended to seek help from a professional who will help you explore different options, select one that suits your hair, and help nail down that look.

Remember, extensions have a learning curve, and that’s worth it. With proper care, you can enjoy natural-looking extensions for a longer time. 

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