Fun Environmentally Friendly Decoration Tips On Christmas

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Christmas time is here, and everyone is busy decorating their homes inside and out, getting in the festive mood. Due to the economy, some people may be putting fewer lights on their homes to keep the electricity down or want to look for more environmentally friendly ways to decorate their homes. Here, we will give you a few such tips. So read on to find out more!

Many homeowners enjoy using Christmas lights on the outside of their homes to get in the Holiday spirit. Rather than using the old lamps that waste more electricity, think about investing in Christmas lights that are more energy efficient and help the environment by wasting less electricity. It will also help you save money in the long run, so it is a great idea. For the entry or doorway of your home, think about going to a place that sells live Christmas trees and asking for the branches that they cut off of the trees. You can use these to bundle up in wire to make a swag or string along a rope to make a fresh, beautiful, and free garland. It is like recycling.

The Christmas tree is one of the main focal points of the inside of your home, and for those that want to have a live tree, here is a great, more environmentally friendly alternative. Instead of buying a freshly cut tree, consider buying a potted Christmas tree. This is a tree that still has its roots and can be planted in your yard after the holiday season is over. So, this way, you get a live Christmas tree, one you can continue to enjoy for many years planted in your yard. The other more green alternative is to get an artificial tree that can be used each year.

Even if you are not big on getting a full sized Christmas tree, you can consider getting a couple of miniature house plants online and decorate your home according to your choice. These small compact plants will assist in the purification of the air in your home as well as be aesthetically pleasing without the additional effort on maintenance and care.

Another more environmentally friendly idea for decorating would be making homemade ornaments for the tree. This would be great if you have children at home that would enjoy this project. Have them collect some items from nature on a walk or just from your yard, like leaves or pine cones. These items from nature can be made into fun ornaments like a pinecone snowman or a leaf-covered round ball to hang. Another fun idea is to take a pinecone, cover it in peanut butter and roll it in birdseed to hang outside for the birds, just like a Christmas treat for them.

Some other ideas that can be helpful:

  • like using led picture lights to light up various parts of your home to save electricity
  • buying a potted tree that can be replanted after the season is over
  • an artificial tree to be reused year after year
  • picture lighting to focus on a particular collection of Christmas decorations and using natural products to be festive.

Use some of these creative and cost-saving tips to decorate your home and help the environment, and not only will your place look great, but you will also feel better about doing it. Merry Christmas!

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