An Overview of Crypto Sportsbook for New Players

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There’s a lot of fun you’ll get from watching sports with your friends or family and rooting for your favorite teams. But do you realize you don’t have to watch these games for the fun alone? You can now turn your passion into earnings with the creation of sportsbooks.  

As the cryptocurrency industry keeps growing, sportsbooks are now letting people use cryptocurrencies to bet. Players now have more opportunities to enjoy when using sportsbooks. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of Bitcoin sportsbooks and offer some tips to get you started.

What Is a Sportsbook?

A sportsbook is a betting establishment (physical or online) that takes wagers on sporting events. There are many sports that work well with these establishments, such as baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, and martial arts. Tennis, soccer, and racing are also common on these platforms. 

Sportsbooks frequently allow players to bet on both the winning and losing teams. This is possible due to the difference between your bet and your potential payout. 

You can compare sportsbooks with a bookmaker. A bookmaker is one who manages bets, calculates the odds, and handles payouts.

As with any other type of bookmaker, sportsbooks take bets from customers in the hopes of making a profit. They will use a handicap for each wager that will nearly ensure a profit for them over time.

What Are Crypto Sportsbooks?

A crypto sportsbook is a type of betting platform that accepts cryptocurrency. There are different types of crypto sportsbooks, and each has its own coin they work with. Bitcoin is usually the most widely accepted type of coin that many platforms accept.

In a Bitcoin sportsbook, there is no need for a bookie, thereby eliminating the need for a middleman. This ensures you can save more, as the “middleman” in your transaction won’t have to get paid.

Advantages of Crypto Sportsbooks

It’s no secret that the introduction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has changed the sports betting market. That’s good news in some respects and bad news in others. Some of the most significant benefits brought about by cryptocurrencies in regards to sportsbooks and sports betting services are:

Bigger Bonuses

Crypto sportsbooks offer various bonuses—much more than regular sportsbooks. For example, you can get a cashback bonus in which the bettor receives a certain proportion of their losses back. You can also get a deposit bonus, in which the bettor receives a certain percentage of their initial deposit back.

These offerings are usually available to newcomers alone, but some platforms allow you to enjoy them as you play. In fact, several of the best online sportsbooks provide customers special benefits as long as you use cryptocurrencies to fund your accounts. It’s important to take advantage of these perks while betting on sports, since they may make or break your betting experience.


With a Bitcoin sportsbook, you can place bets without the fear of being exposed. Bitcoin transactions cannot be traced in the same way that traditional monetary transactions can.

Betting platforms allow users to place wagers while remaining anonymous and providing minimal details about themselves. The bettor’s right to privacy while utilizing Bitcoin to wager on sporting events is of the highest importance. 

Disadvantages of Crypto Sportsbooks

The following are some of the major disadvantages of Bitcoin-based sportsbooks that could make betting less enjoyable:

Regional Restrictions

Indeed, cryptos are characterized by their broad popularity and the relative ease with which they may be used. Still, the use of cryptocurrencies is regulated in several countries and areas. In countries that don’t let people do financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, betting on sports with cryptocurrencies is against the law.

Trust Issues

The Bitcoin industry is very unregulated, notably in the domain of sports betting, despite its worldwide appeal. Bitcoin’s anonymity may have its benefits, but it can have terrible effects when it’s used for match-fixing. 

Some of these dishonest betting sites set your results ahead of time so you lose and they can take your money. Due to the anonymity provided by cryptocurrencies, it might be difficult to track down such dishonest Bitcoin-bettors. There’s no way to legally apprehend such scammers.

How to Get Started with a Crypto Sportsbook

When you hop on a Bitcoin sportsbook site, you may be met with so many details. It would only make it more difficult to find your way around. Here are the things you should do to get started: –

Choose a Crypto Sportsbook

Okay, before hopping on a Bitcoin sportsbook, you should look closely. You don’t want to go with a platform that will end up taking your funds. Therefore, review your choices closely and select what has the features that suit you.

Buy Your Coins

If you have money in your digital wallet, you may now make a deposit and get your welcome bonus. If you don’t have any digital assets, you should buy some from a reliable digital asset exchange.

Only use a reputable marketplace like Kraken or Binance when making a purchase. In addition to making it easy to trade digital assets right away, these markets also make the experience comfortable. You won’t get anxious over endangering your funds.

Send Crypto to Account

When you’ve purchased enough coins, it’s time to add them to your account. Begin by setting up a cryptocurrency wallet for coin storage. There are a number of wallets out there, and each has different features you’ll love.

Whether your wallet is hosted or non-custodial, it should work just fine. Send your crypto  like Bitcoins, Ethereum etc. from the exchange to your wallet address using the “send crypto” command.

Get Your Address

First off, visit the site’s deposit section and choose the type of crypto you need for your game. Your site should provide a public address that is designed for your own account to avoid confusing deposits from multiple customers. Use the “Copy to Clipboard” command to copy addresses and ensure you don’t make a single mistake.

Pay and Play

Now, you just have to pay into the copied address via your wallet. It could take days to run transactions or as little as a few minutes. It’s all about the payment method you use. Once payment is completed, you can start enjoying the site’s features.


Cryptocurrencies continue to prove to be the future of sports and several other industries worldwide. With the information in this post, you should be able to enjoy several Bitcoin betting platforms without breaking a sweat.

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