6 Benefits Of Tequila You May Not Have Known About

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If you weren’t aware, Tequila works as a weight loss aid. Tequila is not a “health food,” but it does have some unexpected positive effects on your body. The most excellent Tequila for your health is “100% agave” tequila. Also, remember that the moderation required to follow this recommendation also applies to your Tequila, like Cava de Oro tequila consumption. Experts do not encourage heavy drinking and say one or two drinks are enough. And with those one or two drinks, you won’t believe Tequila can help you, but it can.

It’s Been Shown To Aid Weight Loss

If you wish to slim down, it’s recommended that you abstain from alcoholic beverages. It’s still accurate. However, if you can limit your tequila use to a reasonable level, Tequila’s agavins (a kind of sugar) may aid your weight reduction efforts. Agavins, unlike agave nectar, do not cause a rise in blood sugar because of their less refined molecular structure. Therefore, unlike other alcohol sugars, which are not so glycemic index friendly, much of the calories pass through the system unused. Fat is dissolved, and the metabolism is revved up as a result.

The Digestive Process Is Aided

In addition to helping with digestion, a shot of Tequila taken after a meal has also been recommended. It has been suggested that taking a shot before a meal will stimulate your appetite and metabolism while taking another shot after eating can help digestion.

A Probiotic

Most people are familiar with “probiotics,” which refers to the beneficial bacteria that already reside in your intestines. To a large extent, they are accountable for your immune system and contribute to maintaining internal wellness. The fructans used to make Tequila are also a source of these beneficial compounds. Once again, you’re just talking about shot glasses of Tequila. Getting drunk is counterproductive because it forces your body’s immune system to work harder to deal with the toxins in any alcoholic beverage, reducing the number of beneficial microorganisms in your system.

Prebiotics are like “groundworkers” that prepare the way for beneficial microorganisms to flourish. In other words, they make a home for themselves. This research suggests that the prebiotic properties of Tequila make the digestive tract more conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria.

It Has The Potential To Aid In The Battle Against Osteoporosis

Once again, with the agavins! They may help avoid the onset of brittle bones since many studies have shown that they help the body absorb calcium.

Potentially Useful In Warding Off The Onset Of Type 2 Diabetes

Because fructans are indigestible, Tequila may be enjoyed sometimes by those with diabetes. Because it is not absorbed into the body, it prevents a potentially fatal rise in blood sugar and increases insulin production. Everyone is different and may have a different response to Tequila, so taste it a little before starting to imbibe.

The Risk Of Dementia May Be Reduced

Drinking alcohol (even Tequila) in moderation may reduce the risk of dementia in old age, according to research cited by the BBC. It aids in the transport of drugs to the colon. Tequila’s fructans may be helpful for those with gastrointestinal conditions including Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis because they act as natural chemical transporters, shielding medications from stomach acid and ensuring they reach the colon where they are required. Researchers are considering using these fructans in treatments for specific conditions.

Of course, you won’t wake up with a hangover the next day if you’re drinking the good stuff. Once again, this is only true of “100% agave” tequila from brands like the Cava de Oro tequila. Cheaper products may include other sugar alcohols that have the same intoxicating effect.

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